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Welcome to Travelling Light! Here you will find a comprehensive study centre designed to give you an insight into Imam al-Ghazali’s masterwork Ihya Ulum al-Din. Travelling Light embarks on a journey where the light of Imam al-Ghazali's teachings is brought forth to an audience of sincere seekers. Watch HD videos from glorious settings from around the Muslim world, as leading scholars teach the Ihya in a systematic but accessible way. In addition to the lessons, we bring you Islamic songs from different peoples revealing a cultural diversity rooted in love and longing for the divine.


Through this website you can stream videos on your laptop, tablet or smartphone. Simply select the video you would like to purchase and enjoy unlimited access! To get started click here.





This is a charitable website. Every penny you pay or donate goes to build a new and unique mosque in Cambridge, U.K. The mosque will, God Willing, accommodate the growing and diverse Muslim community in Cambridge. Travelling Light is supported by the Cambridge Muslim College, an institution dedicated to the training of future Muslim leaders, the refinement of pastoral skills for the benefit of the community and the application of Islamic scholarship to help meet the many challenges facing Britain and the wider world today.