Travelling Light

Let The Stream Of The Imam's Knowledge Reach You! To make the Travelling Light series more accessible to individuals and communities around the globe, you can now stream all of the DVDs online through Vimeo for 10 USD per video. You can watch them at your leisure as many times as you would like. We also encourage group listening; however we ask that each individual have their own subscription. To view the videos, please click on the classes below which will allow you to access the video. All proceeds will go directly to the establishment of the Cambridge Mosque. Lectures upon the Imam's remaining books will be added intermittently. To receive updates on latest additions, please enter your email below.


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Ihya Ulum al Din


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Book 1: On Knowledge

Book 2: The Foundations of the Articles of Faith

Book 3: The Secrets of Purity

Book 4: The Secrets of Prayer

Book 5: The Secrets of Zakat

Book 6: The Secrets of Fasting

Book 7: The Secrets of the Hajj

Book 8: Etiquette of Reciting the Quran

Book 9: On Invocations and Supplications

Book 10: On Litanies and Dividing the Living Night

Book 11: On the Manners Relating to Eating

Book 12: On the Etiquette of Marriage

Book 13: On the Courtesies of Earning a Living

Book 14: On the Halal and Haram

Book 15: On Friendship, Brotherhood and Companionship

Book 16: On the Courtesies of Seclusion

Book 17: On the Etiquette of Travel

Book 18: On Music and Singing

Book 19: On Enjoining the Good and Forbidding the Evil

Book 20: On the Customs and Character of the Prophet

Book 21: On the Wonders of the Heart

Book 22: On Disciplining the Soul

Book 31: On Repentance